What are the hidden assets in our organization or community? How can I create change in a complex system? What is really holding my community back from success? How can I be creative and innovative in my work? How can I bring attention to my ideas? How can I move an idea into reality?

Participant Information

Participants must register as part of a team of 2-4 people representing a nonprofit organization or group.
Teams can represent a combination of nonprofits, residents and community leaders. 

Program Overview

•  Analyze complex problems and systems
•  Discover the unmet needs and aspirations of their community or organization
•  Identify opportunities for innovation
•  Frame ideas in compelling and creative ways
•  Build and test new ideas for programs and services in the community

Read a case study about a Studio C experience from last year!


Studio C is FREE. Based on its commitment to support innovation in the social sector, United Way of Greater Cincinnati is making Studio C available at no cost to participants.

Time commitment

12 weeks. Studio C meets Thursdays from August 31 - November 16.  Sessions vary from 2 to 4 hours in length, along with "Open Studios," or hour-long one-on-one sessions with your Studio C facilitator.

Because the Studio C experience is about learning new skills and applying them out in the world, teams should expect to spend approximately 20 hours working on their project outside of sessions. 


All sessions meet on Thursdays

Week 1: August 31 - Project Framing (2 hr)
Week 2: September 7 - Understand Systems (2 hr)
Week 3: September 14 - Understand People (2 hr)
Week 4: September 21 - Open Studio (sign up for 1hr slot)
Week 5: September 28 - Open Studio (sign up for 1hr slot)
Week 6: October 3 (note Tuesday) - Synthesis Workshop (4 hr, 1 - 5 pm)
Week 7: October 12 - Open Studio (sign up for 1hr slot)
Week 8: October 19 - Ideation Workshop (4 hr, 1 - 5 pm)
Week 9: October 26 - Prototyping Workshop (4 hr, 1 - 5 pm)
Week 10: November 2 - Open Studio (sign up for 1hr slot)
Week 11: November 9 - Open Studio (sign up for 1hr slot)
Week 12: November 16 - Storytelling Workshop (4 hr, 1 - 5 pm), Closing Event (1.5 hr, 5:30 - 7 pm)