Studio C is currently on hiatus. 

Email if you have questions or want to bring a program like Studio C to your organization. 

Is Studio C only for 501 (c) 3 organizations?

No, Studio C is for any non-profit or community organization hoping to affect positive change in their community.

Can I attend Studio C as an individual or a one-person organization?

One of the goals of Studio C is to help build better team dynamics within an organization, so organizations must be more than one-person. We ask that every organization that participates in Studio C have at least two but not more than four members on their team.

Do I have to commit to all 12 weeks of the program?

YES, when you sign up for the program, you are committing your team to attend a 2-hour session for three weeks in a row. After those sessions, your team will meet with the studio c team and decide if your team will continue with the program and commit for the remaining nine weeks.  We will look for teams to continue that are committed (showing up on time and engaged), have buy-in from their organization's leadership, is the idea or potential solution transformational AND does the team have to power to implement any ideas generated?

Note: Studio C teaches organizations how to utilize design thinking to address and solve a social issue they face. Attending all 12 weeks allows you to see your issue through the entire process of design thinking and it heightens the probability of solving it.

How much will it cost my organization to be a part of Studio C?

Based on its commitment to support innovation in the social sector, United Way of Greater Cincinnati is making Studio C available at NO COST to participants.

My organization went through Studio C last year. Can we come back?

Absolutely. There will be some new learnings around design thinking that may be beneficial if you have new staff members as well as new issues or challenges that you want to address as an organization. We welcome you back.