Studio C is currently on hiatus as of 2018. 

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Workshop: All Studio C participants are guided through predesigned material/content around the workshop's topic. This is where you learn new tools to apply to your project. Think "class time."

Open Studio: An opportunity to connect one-on-one with the Studio C staff and a chance to use the free space for whatever your project requires. This is where you can dive deep into your project after applying what you've learned. Think "open office hours." 

Phase 1: Think about your organization's problem from other perspectives, understand stakeholders and users. Define a question worth solving.


Sessions 1-3: Explore, understand, and define your problem
Week 1 / Project Framing (2 hours)
Week 2 / Understand Systems (2 hours)
Week 3 / Understand People (2 hours)

After week 3, Studio C will meet with your team to decide together if your team should continue attending the rest of the program.

Phase 2: Create new ideas and solutions to answer your question. Use open studio time for project work and receive coaching from Studio C staff on your project.


Sessions 4-5: Choose your challenge and conduct interviews
Week 4 / Meet With Studio C Staff
Week 5 / Open Studio


Sessions 6-9: Review your learning and generate solutions
Week 6 / Synthesis (4 hours)
Week 7 / Open Studio (sign up for 1 hr slot)
Week 8 / Ideation (4 hours)
Week 9 / Prototyping (4 hours)


Sessions 10-12: Strengthen your top ideas and create your story
Week 10 / Open Studio (sign up for 1 hr slot)
Week 11 / Open Studio (sign up for 1 hr slot)
Week 12 / Storytelling (4 hours)

The Team is available all day for Weeks 10 & 11 from 8:30 - 4:30 pm.